Travel Guide, The Cheapest Way to Get from Kualanamu Airport to Samosir Island


NINNA.ID-There are several ways to get from Kualanamu Airport to Samosir Island. But the cheapest one Ninna recommended using a taxi to Kualanamu Airport. There are several taxis served or available at Kualanamu Airport.

The cost to get into a taxi is IDR 150.000 per person. The taxi can load 6 people including the driver. It means for 5 people IDR 750.000.

But just say there are only 1-2 people that are ready to go to Samosir Island. You will need another passenger until it loads 5 passengers from Kualanamu Airport to Samosir Island.

Otherwise, you can book one taxi that cost IDR 900.000. If only 2 people that ready to go and you agree to share IDR 900.000 for both of you. Each of you costs IDR 450.000.


The distance between Kualanamu to Samosir Island is 120-130 km.

It takes approximately 4 hour and half to 5 hours to get from Kualanamu Airport (KNO) to Samosir Island, including transfers from Ajibata or Tigaraja Harbour crossing the lake to Samosir Island.

Small Boat in Simanindo
Small Boat in Simanindo that bring passangers (photo: Damayanti)

There is also another way, from Kualanamu Airport to Samosir Island from Tigaras Harbour. It will be faster or short way rather than from Ajibata or Tigaraja. You will arrive in Simanindo Harbour using Ferry or boat from Tigaras.

For transferring from Ajibata/Tigaraja or Tigaras Harbour crossing the lake to Samosir Island as usual the passengers using small boats for faster. It takes 30 minutes to cross the Lake Toba to the island. The cost of IDR 25.000 per person.

Taksi dari Kualanamu
Kualanamu Arrivals Area
Photo: Damayanti

Take Break
As usual, on the way to Tigaraja/Ajibata, the taxi driver will stop in one shuttle stop because they need to take a break for a while in Siantar, depending on the situation.

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It is just normal for a long journey the driver and passangers must take a break. But we do not have any obligation to give meals or pay for the driver meal’s because as usual, the driver is responsible for his meal.

As usual, foreigners concentrate located in TukTuk. But, so many homestays, and hotels around Simanindo.

You can ask the tourist information centre which homestay or hotels has staff that speak English so you can do all things you want easily.

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Tourist in Hutaraja
Tourist in Kampung Ulos Hutaraja, Lumban Suhi-Suhi, Samosir (photo: Damayanti)

But if you have difficulty on how to communicate with the hotel staff or the owner of the homestay, feel free to call the Tourist Information Centre telephone number.

Latar Pulau Tulas
One of great spot Samosir, Lake Toba (photo: Damayanti)

Car Rental to Samosir
If you want to have more space and privacy, you can rent a car to Samosir. But you need to do research first to find the best company for you. Or you can order the car when you arrive in Kualanamu Airport.

Manggo in Samosir
One of famous fruits originality from Samosir is this manggo (photo : Damayanti)

The comparison. It must be cheaper using a taxi rather than rent a car. If we rent a car, it will cost more expensive. A day for rent is around IDR 350.000+ the wage of the driver is IDR 300.000+ fuel maybe cost IDR 200.000 + the driver might be asking us for cigarettes and food/meals every day if he follows us to Lake Toba.

Samosir 6
Buffalo is one of biggest livestock in Lake Toba. (photo:damayanti)

It will cost more than IDR 1.000.000/day. We also must give a down payment to the owner of the company by transferring before the driver picks you up. So, which do you prefer? Using using taxi or rent a car?

Writer: Damayanti Sinaga that also work as Lake Toba Tour Guide