Next Year, Aayu Expeditions will Hold an International Conference on the Threat of Extinction of the Sumatran Tiger in Samosir, Indonesia


NINNA.ID-Next year, Aayu Expedition, an international travel agency owned by an Indian man, Amol Hendre, will hold an international conference on the threat of extinction of the Sumatran Tiger.

This conference will be held on Samosir Island, precisely at the Marianna Resort and Convention Tuktuk Samosir.

Ninna writer asked Amol Hendre about his plan for the international conference on the threat of extinction of the Sumatran Tiger in Samosir, Indonesia.

What motivated you to bring up the Sumatran Tiger issue?


I have been working in Wildlife Tourism and photography since 2007. Tiger is my favorited animal.

I have been doing Royal Bengal Tiger (Tiger of India) photography for a long time and delivered presentations to various organizations.

I saw the Sumatran Tiger first in Bali Safari Park in 2019. Very graceful and handsome tiger like the Bengal Tiger.

When I started studying about Sumatran Tiger, I came to know there are very few tigers in the wilderness and on the verge of extinction. They need serious attention and observation to save their habitat and existence.


Considering this issue, I have thought to organize a Conference about the subject of Conservation of a Tiger. As I am from India, my plan is to present the conservation techniques of Bengal Tiger and Sumatran Tiger together and approach the people of the world.

India Tiger
India Tiger (photo: Amol Hendre)

I love the Sumatran Tiger the same as I love the Bengal Tiger. Both are graceful and aggressive. I would love to take in initiative to save both the tigers.

How long you have deep concern about Sumatran Tiger?
Indonesia has 3 species of Tigers: Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger, and Sumatran Tiger.

Out of the above 3 species, 2 species have been extinct. So now it’s very important to save the only tiger in Indonesia.

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What are you expecting as the output of your event?
It is an India–Indonesia friendship project

I expect a maximum number of people to attend this conference and join the movement of Tiger Conservation. Promotion of this conference on social media on a large scale. Wildlife Conservation System of India and Indonesia should become more effective.

Sumatran and India Tigers
Easily recognized by its coat of reddish-orange with dark stripes, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. The big cat’s tail is three feet long.

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On average the big cat weighs 450 pounds, about the same as eight ten-year-old kids. It stands three feet tall with teeth four inches long and claws as long as house keys.

The population of tigers have been reducing at a rapid rate. Need of serious attention to avoid extinction. Implementation of Conservation projects and the involvement of people is highly important.

The purpose of this conference is to create awareness and a sensitive approach to saving the handsome Tigers of Indonesia and India.

Conference Outline
Day and date – Saturday 18 May 2024
Venue – Marianna Resort & Convention, Lake Toba, Samosir

09.30 am: Registration, tea coffee session
10.30 am: Cultural dance of Samosir
10.45 am: Inauguration and chief guests’ speech
11:00 am: 1st workshop/speech/presentation
12:00 pm: Lunch
01;00 pm 2nd workshop/speech/presentation
02.00 pm: 3rd workshop/speech/presentation
03.00 pm: vote of thanks
03.30 pm: Evening tea and coffee and conference ends

The Features
This could be the first conference in Indonesia on 2 different species of Tigers in the Asian Continent.

This conference will be covered in Print and Electronic Media of Indonesia.
Tourism of Indonesia will be given high priority.

Active involvement of NGOs, expert speakers, and people from Indonesia, India and other countries will make this project successful in the Globe.

About Amol Hendre
He is a Wildlife Traveller and a Professional Photographer.
He particularly specialises in Wildlife and Landscape photography and have spent my time in photography in Asia and Africa Continent.

He especially loves photography with a creative feel. I have been taking photos for 15 years.

He had the wonderful privilege of growing up in the wild, open and unspoilt surroundings of the Asian and African Highlands, so inevitably my love affair with staggering Wildlife, Ancient Monuments and Landscapes began there along with an understanding of composition and light forms.

Over the years I have developed a style that pushes the boundary between photography and art.

Writer: Damayanti Sinaga that also work as Lake Toba Tour Guide